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 Adult content. Please note this book is not suitable for those under 18 years.


(previously published as Alien Captive Box Set)

Captured and sold to the highest bidder
~ four sexy stories of alien shifters and alien abduction romance.

The annihilation of mankind is held at bay only through the Treaty consummated between the Qui Empress and General Jaden, her human tribute. The Treaty ended the thirty year war between Earth and the K’lahn, military enforcers for the Qui. K’lahn warships evacuated the solar system by order of the Empress.

All human prisoners of war must be repatriated to Earth.

Generations of hatred, vengeance and enmity stand between humans and K’lahn. To avoid further hostility, the Empress selects three trusted Qui escorts to find and retrieve Special Forces soldiers sold by their K’lahn captors and sent to the far reaches of the Empire.

Qui pheromones can sedate, paralyze, or arouse. Alien shapeshifters, Qui assume an almost-human appearance and experience the world through human senses. Some Qui possess a telepathy stimulated by passionate love.

Surprisingly, humans have a sexual charge all their own.

Qui pheromone sensitivity is a double-edged sword and the former captives spark a powerful, sensual reaction. One by one, the Qui escorts discover the battle-hardened soldiers have captured their hearts. These rare couplings of human military officers and former enemies create a new understanding between the species, but Earth’s defiance of Qui rule incites rebellion across the galactic Empire, a volatile political mess.

This Alien Captive Box Set includes one short story and three novellas:

Warning to fans of scifi romance: Kayla Stonor’s novels can be dark and edgy, hot and wicked, punishing and uplifting. If you find certain themes uncomfortable, these stories may not be for you. This space opera saga includes thrilling suspense, extreme violence, femdom, domination and submission, even torture, yet always filled with delicious steamy sex and loving alien romance.