Adult content. Please note this book is not suitable for those under 18 years.

CEASEFIRE : Team Orion Nebula


She wants him dead. He wants her in bed.

Qui are the enemy. Kill them all. Save the human genome! Sworn to destroy the shapeshifting alien warlords who invaded Earth, Ahnna Sokovik must now partner with her nemesis in a nightmare reality show, the GREAT SPACE RACE. To survive deadly challenges—entertainment for trillions of fans—Ahnna must befriend her adversary and pray he doesn’t murder her in her sleep.

Fanatic, terrorist, xenophobe maniac… Ahnna cannot be reasoned with! Tierc Marcel, a Qui-human half breed, is faced with an impossible task, live alongside Ahnna, the gorgeous femme fatale who nearly slit his throat. Bound by her suppression cuffs, Tierc cannot use his Qui strength to win the race and his freedom. He fights a losing battle against Ahnna’s prejudice, while the alluring assassin tempts him with her every move. Her pheromones scream for mating, and yet she defies their magnetic attraction.

She wants him dead. He wants her in bed.

If Ahnna would only set aside her enmity, she’d see the noble Qui considers Ahnna a finer prize than even freedom. Can mortal enemies work together to survive the twisted perils of a corrupt space race and fall in love?

Some came for fame and fortune, others were coerced. All are fighting to survive. One couple will win. None expected to find love. The Great Space Race. It’s show time!

Check out more exciting Great Space Race romance by some of the hottest authors in Science Fiction & Fantasy! All novels are standalone romance and can be enjoyed in isolation, but you are bound to want more from the Paragon Galaxy! Ahnna Sokovik and Tierc Marcel belong in Kayla Stonor’s Qui Treaty universe until they are hauled into The Great Space Race set in the Paragon Galaxy. In the Qui Treaty Collection inspired by Under By Treaty, each alien shapeshifter romance is a standalone story set in the Qui galactic empire, with annihilation of mankind held at bay through the Treaty consummated between the Qui Empress and the human consort abducted under its terms.


Beta Reader Testimonial: “I loved this story. Gripping action, twists, and wonderful romance. The sexual tension was sizzlin’ 🙂 This could be one of those binge-able cable series where you can’t stop watching!”  M Lockwood (Author of the Hot Alpha Billionaire Series)