Trey Jaden is a five-star general in his mid thirties, appointed the military leader of the United Regions Forces after leading the Resistance against the K’lahn Invasion mid-21st Century. The death of his parents at the hands of the K’lahn fuels Jaden’s dedication to his cause. With a suspicious patience for politics and politicians, and possessed of a maverick nature, Jaden does what’s need to be done. Earth needs him.

“You’ve never let Earth down, General. Think about what you just said. If you fail the Qui will come after Earth with everything they’ve got […] You can’t fail, General. Swallow your pride, your anger, and your hatred. Think of Earth. Do what you must for us, for the human race, for your planet. You said you would give your life for Earth…” Under By Treaty by Kayla Stonor

“Jaden is not a punk to submit lightly, especially considering his master-torturer Sonil is a member of the ruling family directly responsible for the invasion of Earth years earlier. He holds them responsible for his parents’ deaths. It’s an emotionally charged atmosphere between them.” Travis Luedke, Goodreads Review