Adult content. Please note this book is not suitable for those under 18 years.



She caught him, now she has to turn him in.

Following a devastating break up from her ex Dom, Tahima has escaped to the Blue Ridge Mountains for some badly needed solitude. When a Mafia heir wanted for murder crashes into her life, she determines to turn him in. Her only option is to force him down the mountain to the local Sheriff’s office – a mission fraught with danger.

Rossini’s piercing gaze and commanding voice hits deep into Tahima’s submissive nature. The alpha male towers over her slight build, promising to be uncooperative. Armed with only a stun-gun, she fights against her submissive tendencies. To survive, Tahima must find a way to dominate Gian Rossini, a multimillionaire and fugitive from justice.

Under By Duress is a fast-paced adventure of erotic romance with a strong alpha hero who must submit to a natural submissive prepared to go to extremes to retain control.

Author’s Note: Author’s Note: This story is an erotic romance and contains graphic violence, sexual content, and language.


4* Amazon Review by Goddess of Chaos: “This story was a great foray into the realm of trust, at various levels. Many times Rossini gives his word, and as the story progresses we discover, through his actions, the value of his promises.” Click here to see full review.

Reviews for previous edition

5* Amazon Review by A.Cleaver: “Great read-left me wanting more.” Click here to see full review.

5* Goodreads Review by Pearls: “The psychology behind feeling in control and being in control is a wonderful theme in this book.” Click here to see full review.

3* Goodreads Review by La Crimson Femme (aka BookAddict): “This was a pleasant surprise and ranks a 3.5 star in my books. Ms. Kayla Stonor is a new to me author. She’s burst onto the scene with hot femdom stories which show both character development and plot. Best of all, the women aren’t cruel psychotic bitches from hell. The men aren’t some pushover doormat wanting to be degraded.” Click here to see full review.