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Adult content. Please note this book is not suitable for those under 18 years.


He’s hers by treaty, she wants his devotion.

General Jaden is a thorn in the Qui’s side. Ambassador Sonil is on Earth to extract him by treaty. Stripped naked, then caged like an animal, Jaden learns the severity of Sonil’s resolve to ensure he is worthy of serving the Qui Empress. Her training is ruthless and alien rules apply. Failure is not an option; saving Earth from annihilation requires Jaden’s complete surrender.

Her captivating alien eyes and glittering blue sculpted body serve a constant temptation. Sweet, sensual, inhumanly strong, vicious and deadly, she’s an alluring contradiction he can’t wrap his head around. Sonil gets under his skin, twisting his mind, breaking down his resistance.

She’s magnificent.

She’s uncompromising.

She’s the enemy.

Sonil vows to bend the will of a five star general and teach his rebellious heart to accept his place. For Earth. For humanity. For his sanity. Jaden must submit.

But Sonil demands more than obedience. She wants his devotion.

Under By Treaty is a bold, fast-paced adventure of epic space opera and dark romance, with a strong alpha hero who must submit to an alien temptress to save the human race from destruction by the Qui Empire. This futuristic science fiction novel containing BDSM themes is an intense saga that inspired a sexy alien shapeshifter romance series, the Qui Treaty Collection. Under By Treaty is also Book 2 in Kayla Stonor’s Surrender Collection.

Author’s Note: This story is an erotic romance in an alien setting and contains graphic language and violence, mature scenes of a dub-consensual nature, and explicit sexual content.


4* Review & Excerpt by Shurrn. “I’m blown away by this Erotic FemDom Space Opera!” Review followed by excerpt and author interview.

5* Goodreads Review by Marianne. “The training sessions served a purpose: They highlighted the enormous cultural obstacles Jaden had to overcome, and showed the depth of their devotion. Ultimately, it showed that willing submission can be more powerful than any power held by a human general.

Reviews for previous edition:

5* Goodreads Review by Trent Evans: “Overall, I thought this was an outstanding book; well-written, thought-provoking, smokin’ hot, and ultimately, touching. For those of you willing to take a walk on the dark side of sexuality and experience a journey filled with lust, pain, pleasure, surrender, and love, you will not be disappointed with this story.” Click here to see full review.

5* Amazon Review by AlexJouJou: “Phenomenal. Those of you who enjoy non/dub-consent, harsh punishment, and the breaking of a person without losing personality and identity will love this. Jaden is an exceptionally strong character – alpha male and then some. Sonil, who is training him for the Qui, is relentless.” Click here to see full review.

5* Amazon Review by Travis Luedke: “A fantastic sci-fi erotica journey of submission and domination. If you’re into BDSM and you like it graphic and violent, this is a must-read. Prepare to hunker down for several hours once you start reading. You will not be able to stop till you finish. Seriously.” Click here to see full review.

4* Goodreads Review by La Crimson Femme (aka BookAddict): “Wow – Ms. Stonor certainly knows how to torture a man.  I’m impressed with what she puts Jaden through to break him down.  The turning of him from enemy to friends was really impressive.  This is the best enemy to lover story I’ve read in a long time.  The sexual tension was just right.  The guilt and confusion Jaden felt was perfect.”  Click here to see full review.

4* Goodreads Review by Spynonu: “I am not normally interested in male submission as I love my alpha males but the author manages to keep General Jaden’s alpha intact even when he is reluctantly bending to the will of the alien Ambassador.” Click here to see full review.

3* Goodreads Review by Pearls: “I have to admit–I picked this book up for the cover. The idea of all that power being held submissively was intriguing to me. And that is what the book was about. I love military men, and here was a man making the ultimate sacrifice. This book has quite a twist in the plot that you will not see coming, which is a rare (and pleasant) thing for someone like me that reads a lot of books.” Click here to see full review.